Monday, March 19, 2012

And then my heart exploded.......

 Saturday was the girlscout Father Daughter Dance.

I can not begin to explain what fond memories I had of my Father Daughter dances as a child- so as soon as they mentioned we were (finally) having one, I got all giddy.  The whole time Ally was in girlscouts, they had father daughter 'this stupid thing' and father daughter 'that stupid thing' but never a dance.  But this year- finally!

I have to admit, I was kind of crushed that I was going to miss it.  How not fair, right?  Until it occurred to me that I could volunteer to help and get to be there.  So you know that's what I did right?  I mean, whats the harm in serving up dinner to 100+ people and then handwashing all the dishes if it means I get to see this....
They both had such a good time.  And so did I.  There is nothing like a good square dance father daughter style.
It was the highlight of my entire weekend.  Even if my back hurt from leaning over the sink.


Anji said...

I've never heard of this before. it's a great idea. Don't think my dad would hazve been dragged to a Father Daughter dance.

Glad you managed to go along and get some pictures

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Sharon said...

I do remember how excited you always were for that dance -- the corsages, the pretty dress, Dad all gussied up for the occasion...all the giggles and wonderfulness. And I see all that in Emmy's face -- great pictures by the way. And Dan is such a handsome man -- his spirit shows thru in that first pic as well as his joy in being able to put that kind of smile on his daughter's face. Thank you for blogging this today. It made me happy.