Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Someones always screaming "MOM!"

One morning this week- Sam woke up just as we all did.  He wanted to take a bath in my bathtub- deal.
I started the water, added a little bubble soap and left him to do his thing while I went about the regular morning stuff.

Made sure the girls were out of bed.
Pick up 347 pieces of clothing from their floor.
Deposit into laundry basket.
Ponder world peace and why it is so hard for my girls to just do that laundry thing themselves.
Pass the laundry room- put the washer stuff into the dryer and feed the dog.
Start coffee brewing.
Sam screams "mom"- I respond "hang on".
Hang up jackets on actual jacket hooks.
Shake head mercilessly as I trip over a mountain of shoes.
Sam screams "mom"- I respond "in a minute".
Head to living room to let out the dog.
Put away Wii remotes.
Gather library books and put them by the door. Wonder how much the late fees will be this time.
Sam screams "mom"- I loose my patience and scream back "For crying out loud!!!"
and head back to see what on earth could be so urgent.......

Sweet Mother of Pearl- the bubbles were so huge they were practically spilling over the sides of the tub.
"I tried to tell you" he says.
Check Mate my sweet blonde boy. 


The Smiling Mommy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post girl! So funny, and so adorable. I love how you detailed the daily duties and thoughts. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!! LOL The picture is worth a thousand words!! Just precious, and candid. You write so well, I always look forward to your new posts. Wishing you a happy wednesday! SMILES!! Amy

Anji said...

I know that feeling. He looks adorable - and clean!

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