Thursday, March 22, 2012

My trendy style

My 'coolness' factor goes way down when fellow girl scout moms take a glance inside my purse.  Or my pocket book as my grandma used to call it.  And because I now keep a regular supply of napkins from Subway in it  for 'emergencies'- I suppose I have evolved to the pocket book myself.

I will never EVER be able to carry one of those trendy little cute purses with a drivers license, credit card and a lipstick in them.  Unless I keep it inside of my actual purse.  Because there are too many other things I need.  (Yes- NEED).

However, after last weeks convertible flying maxi pad incident, I decided perhaps it was time to spring clean in there.  Plus, recently at the grocery when I pulled out my wallet it had various chunks of sticks of gum stuck all over it.  I'm a talented woman.

So upon dumping my purse- here is what I found:
A disposable camera from last summers church camp.  It was my thought that if I carried it in my purse I would actually remember to drop it off for developing.  Apparently not.
A granola bar for snack at last weeks math club.
Sam's epi pen (this is non negotioable).
Coupons.  Come on- you're not suprised, right?
7 pens and pencils.  I suppose one can never have too many?
A DSiXL car charger.  We don't own a DSiXL. Don't ask.
Coke reward points, box tops for education, and 12 unwrapped chunks of bubble gum (unchewed).
Handlotions, creams, lipsticks, chapsticks, sucker sticks, advil (2 bottles), various medicines, wadded napkins.
Of course my wallet and checkbook.
And one partially eaten ring pop wrapped in saran wrap.

My purse is much tidier now- but still just as full.
And yes, I threw away the ring pop.


Anji said...

I'm trying to work out how big your purse (bag in English English) must be.

Working from home I don't have to carry much around nowadays, but there always seems to be half melted chewing gum in my makeup bag and my pen never works when it's needed.

The Smiling Mommy said...

Oh how I can relate!!! Especially pulling out your wallet whilst gum and candy and god knows what else is stuck to it!! I definitely have a "Pocket book" and it's dead weight! It's full of just about everything you can think of. Three kids, a dog and a husband who doesn't even carry a wallet, means everything goes in Moms bag! LOL I get all kinds of jokes from the family, "if you need something just ask Amy, it's in her purse" LOL!! I've cleaned it out so many times, but it accumulates right back up! It's crazy! LOL