Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fire in the BRIDGE!

I don't mean to alarm you, but my computer crashed.  CRASHED.  Today I am coming to you live from my laptop.  The one with the sensitive mouse pad thing and my not favorite clickity clickity keyboard.  It's not my favorite for writing on- that is for certain.  But I am glad that it is at least functional, which is a step ahead of the desktop.

The biggest problem is that my coupon savings tracker spreadsheet is on the computer, as well as a tracking document for our taxes.  Oh- and all of our photographs from the last 10 years. OH.MY.FREAKING.HEAVENS! 

Not kidding, my heart is kind of hurting.  Why oh why oh why didn't I just stick with a 35MM and have paper photos clogging up my entire house?  Why oh why oh why didn't I back them up religiously to snapfish?  Why oh why oh why didn't I just use those little plastic card things as photo storage instead of cleaning them off each time and reusing them?

My husband disassembled our old computer and has 'something'  in a little plastic baggie.  He says he can recover them.  We'll see.

Until then, I guess I am stuck with the sample pictures that are on this laptop.............
I don't know- it kind of looks like Sam.  Perhaps I can make these work.

In addition, I have lost all of the blogs that I read.  Each morning, some folk waste their time watching world breaking news, I on the other hand catch up on all my virtual friends business.  It's what I would call my 'hobby'.  I enjoy it, it is the one thing I do every day that is frivilous and all MINE.  Except now I am kind of lost because I can't remember all of the ones, or their names, that I have read.  UHG.
I guess if I can't remember them, then they weren't one of my favorites.  I'm still grieving though.

I told my mom about my computer.  And all my photos.  And you know what she said?  Oh no- not your blog!  I'm just not sure she will ever grasp how that new fangled internets thing works (smile mom- we are laughing with you).


The Smiling Mommy said...

OH NOOOO!! I am grieving with you! I will tell you, from someone who has a lightening issue at her house, there is hope! I lost many, MANY things just as you described, but one time, the sucker got hit twice with lightening, and the magic repair tech guy who I like to call him, was able to pull stuff off. CRAZY what those guys can do. Keep the faith! I had to learn the hard way, and now put everything on an external, as well as have carbonite running in the background. Carbonite is a lifesaver, I have used it for storage, and for complete load up, and it does just what the commercial says. Staples has really cheap externals, with drag and drop capabilities, and up to 4terabytes. I am feeling for you girl!! Hang in there!! I'm thinking of you!! Hugs!!!

The Smiling Mommy said...

Hey there, I had another thought, when I select an option to add a photo on my blog, it will give me the option to select a photo from this blog, so you will have the ability to extract pics from your blog and re-save to your computer. I am sure you already knew that, but it occured to me right after I left here last. Thinking of you! :)

Mynde said...

GREAT IDEA! I hadn't thought of being able to retrieve my photos off the blog. Technosavy I am not! Thanks for the great idea!