Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mothers do odd things. 

They cup their hands to catch vomit of their small children.  They *know* they will not be able to prevent the mess, but they still do it- out of pure instinct.

They wipe snot right off their kids faces...........with their shirts.

And they save small little bloody pieces of teeth.  Forever.  Please tell me I am not the only one.

I personally use small 35mm film canisters.  I have one labeled neatly with Allysons name and the date for every tooth that is inside of it.  And one for Emily with a similar row of neatly labeled dates.  And last night- as Sam managed to wiggle out his SECOND tooth in two days (I kid you not)- I found myself frantically searching for another small canister.  Only, guess what?  We don't use 35mm film anymore so there are NO MORE TEETH CANISTERS TO BE FOUND!

Certainly I can not just keep a pile of his small little perfectly perfect teeth in my jewelry box.  So I did what any other mother would do.  I found a small plastic box filled with a pair of earplugs and I converted it to the boys bloody tooth container box.  And I tucked it away into the cedar chest at the foot of my bed, along with the other two containers of bone fragments.  But only after rubbing the sharp edge of that tooth 100 times remembering the excitement as they first pierced his little gums just a short 5 years ago.

What gross creatures we mothers are.  But only a tad more so than bleeding gummed cheering kids jumping up and down cradling small blood covered bone parts. 


Sharon said...

I find this so funny -- payback time has hit you HARD. I remember when you shamed me into throwing all MY little teeth (tucked away in a medicine bottle in my cedar chest) away saying it was 'GROSS and YUCK'. And here you are doing the same thing. Understanding does come in its own time. By the way, I have a film cannister in my desk if you want one

Love ya.......Mom

Steve Finnell said...

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Vicki said...

Most CVSs and Walgreens photo places will willingly give you their 35mm film canisters, if they have any. However, us geocachers will scarf them up on a regular basis... they make GREAT cache containers!