Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Stay at Home Mom' is just a fancy name for 'I'm not here right now, leave a message at the tone'

I absolutely love the fact that I have gotten to stay at home with my kids.  Never doubt that- I speak the truth.

And I am positive that the absolute best parenting advice that was EVER given to me was when my Grandma told me that the best years of her entire life were the ones she was at home with her kids.  It kind of sealed the deal for me to give up my job (and health insurance, and 401K, and dress shoes, and ever having new shoes, or a hair do......ever) and plunge into being at home.

Granted- I have worked from home.  Not worked at all.  And now I work part time outside the home.  But still the same- I am a stay at home mom first.  Because lets face it- working 12 hours a week is not really a job.  Especially when I end up calling in at least 4 hours a week lately due to sick kids, family needs and good sales at Walgreens.  Just sayin'.

Back to the point.  When my kids were little.  As in real little.  There were days that we would go somewhere- just to leave the house.  There were times that Dan would get home and I would be just begging for a trip to Sam's Club- just to get to visit real actual people out in the bright colorful world.  Or I would BEG my mom just to stop by and visit us........because we were lonely.

Now that my kids are not so little- I'm basically wearing a path down our street.  In fact, last night, on like my 6th trip in or out of the neighborhood (no joking) I found myself wondering why on earth we didn't more strongly consider buying that house right on the corner.  It would have cut like 1/4 mile off my commute.  And on a day like today- that could really rack up.

Listen for a minute-
Out for a doctors appointment
In for a forgotten jacket
Out for dropping Sam at school and then to work
In to beat the bus back home
Out to go to CVS to pick up Emilys new asthma meds
In to pick up Emily for piano
Out for piano
In cause we were done with piano
Actually home for a few little whiles
Out for Allyson's piano
In for forgotten music book I promised to bring back to piano teacher
Out to go back to piano
Stayed out and made Dan meet us for dinner because I just couldn't drive back home.....again
In for the night

The neighbors must think I am a pizza delivery man or something.  And I'm afraid we are not even to the worst part yet.  Ally really doesn't even have many actitivies- if she picks up a sport or something at school I'm doomed.  Seriously, I'm thinking about buying an RV- at least then I would always kind of be at home.

Next week, Sam and Emily both have field trips.  And of course I volunteered for both because HELLO- this is the icing on the cake to get to go on a field trip.  I got emails back from both teachers thanking me- and telling me how much I needed to pay in order to 'volunteer'.  Which I understand- but it is still kind of ironic.

Then at dinner last night- Allyson mentioned that her field trip this year is to a chocolate factory.  A field trip AND chocolates?  Count me in.  In addition to my adiction to sugar- I simply find factories amazingly interesting.  I can't wait- I even promised Allyson I would chaperone a group other than hers (because she finds me less than amazingly interesting these days).  Then she mentioned that more than anything, they need chaperones on her field trips to break up the fights.   FIGHTS?  Looks like I might not be able to go that day after all.  And she might not either.

Better run- I have to run an errand, pick Ally up at school, drop Sam off at his school, deliver Ally to an orthodontist appointment, swing by the bank, take Ally back to school, drop by the office for an hour and then go back to the elementary to volunteer at the after school party.

Stay at home mom my heiny.


Robyn Stoddard said...

I am not an official follower, but I happened upon this post of yours today and LOVE it. I'm a SAHM of 1 adorable 2 1/2 year old girl and everyday is as crazy as the last. :) Thank you for your uplifting sense of spirit even when the front door is swinging like the entrance to a kitchen run by Gordon Ramsey. :)

Happy Field Tripping to you!


Mynde said...

Thanks for the comment- I just love getting them left on my blog!!!!