Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Boy- it has been a whirlwind week.  If you are here, reading my silly ramblings, thank you for that.  And rest assured (or unsured- whichever) that I most certainly am NOT giving up on blogging.  Just been a little unavailable.

First up- in celebration of our wedding anniversary and my birthday we spent a wonderful weekend in St. Louis........

 Then I turned.........well, I had another birthday.  Although, let me assure you that I look older than I am. But I'm going to work on that, tomorrow.  When I have more time.
 I worked on our christmas card photos...........
 This man developed a kidney stone while in St. Louis and dang near died trying to survive the 4 hour ride back home.  He then spent his first day back to work after a weeks vacation at the ER to find out it was in fact NOT a kidney stone but a pulled muscle.  He then spent the next three days so doped up on muscle relaxers and pain pills that he BARELY had enough strength to keep telling me and the kids to hush it.  Finally- he was able to return to work at the end of the week- but he is still a train wreck, let me tell ya.  Nothing has shaken me that hard. Seeing him so physically destroyed- it has scared me.  We really need this man.  Really need him.  And not just because he is the only one who knows how to use the jumper cables either.
 Allyson had her first band concert.  It was 6 bands, 4 choirs- each performing 3 songs.  You do the math.  (either way, the answer is LONG). Because of my lack of planning and completely chaotic week, I managed to cut out the makings for 25 scarecrow treat bags during the concert for the next days room party.  Yeah- I'm cool like that.  At this concert- a dear and sweet friend surprised us by actually coming to see Ally perform- it had been a horrible day and it made me cry.  Thank you God for that tender mercy.  (And no- I didn't make her cut out scarecrow eyes.  But I should have).  (And yes- the band director is dressed as Elvis.)
 We entered a pumpkin carving contest at a local jewelry store............AND WON!
 Did I mention we were the only entry?  Good news for us- we get to see a show and go out for dinner!

And then there was an entire weekend of super fabulous halloween parties laced with a couple nights of sleepovers, a trip to the childrens museum, and the apple orchard (kids were on Fall break).

 (it was around this very fire that I may or may not have consumed too much of a particular party beverage and may or may not have had to spend most of the next day in bed.  uhg- a drinker I am not.)
 Pumpkin carving- of course.  Where we learned that Rosie would LOVE to get her mouth on some serious pumpkin juice goo- and then she did and we all just screamed out 'EWWWW'.
 Until the sneaky little beast grabbed the lid to Emily's pumpkin and took off like a flash.  Now THAT was entertaining watching all the kids chasing after her for like ever.  She is one fast little dog!
 And that brings us to yesterday where we cap off a super chaotic week with Halloween.  Sam originally was a power ranger- so I had not made his original request of a Knight costume.  Until he mentioned last minute that he REALLY wanted to be a knight after all.  Which could only mean one thing.  Me and my sewing machine had to disassemble a dusting wand and create a knight hat just a mere few hours before the haunting hours were to begin.  But we did- and my Knight was happy.
There they are- my Knight, Anti-Cupid and Popcorn.
Man I love Halloween!


Inr i said...

I love Halloween, but, I live in a different country. With a different culture. The fotus were good.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your super crazy week and Dan's pulled mussle. Here is to this week not being so insane and him feeling much better!