Monday, October 3, 2011

Brief Updates

Just a small quick update from my neck of the woods today............better postings later in the week I hope!

1.  Mom had her procedure done on Thursday and did great.  She is home and on the mend.
(invision my mom here healing nicely)

2. Allyson turned 12 on Saturday and there were 8 of them in our house Friday night for a sleepover.  I'm still tired.
 3.  Emily's lungs are cloudy and basically a mess again- DARN YOU ASTHMA!  Off to the doctor we go again this morning!
4.  Sam had a fun day last week when his class celebrated Mr. Ff and his Funny Feet!  (I love kindergarten!)
 5.  Holy wow batman- I suppose I had no idea my hair was THIS curly!  And what a highly unflattering picture of me I might add!

That is it for today- I'm off to wash that mop of a head and take Miss Emi to the fancy pants doctor.

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Carrie said...

I'm glad your Mom is healing and I hope you didn't have to wait too long at the fancy pants doctor. I've been doing a fair amount of waiting for doctors lately and haven't enjoyed it much. I've spent the rest of my time pretending that I'm not waiting for a cancer/no cancer verdict. Such is life, I suppose. Enjoy those cute kids of yours. =)