Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today I am especially thankful for a husband who would take a weeks vacation just to take over the reins of our home so that I can get through this crazy air show this weekend.

He has become Mr. Mom and is handling piano lessons, softball games, laundry, uniform preparation, lunch packing, and even some of the cleaning. 

And he seems to be doing a good job at hanging in there and keeping it all together.  It makes it all possible.  Yesterday he even called me to see if he could bring lunch to me at work, which made me feel so blessed.   I only wish he would have called AFTER I dropped my lunch on the floor upside down.  Ugh. Having him home takes the huge burdon off of me while trying to work 12 hour days and keep my sanity to know that he is here, holding down our fort.

Well- for the most part anyway.

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