Thursday, May 19, 2011

A game for your Thursday morning pleasure........

Glance through these pictures and see if you notice anything (answers at the end).

1. Why yes- Sam does in fact point with his MIDDLE finger (we're working on it) 2. Notice world famous Jaquie B. Warda, one in five female aerobatic performers in the country with my sweet Emily after a seminar where she tried to convince Emi and 11 other little girls that they could do what she does (don't worry- I plugged emily's ears) 3. Notice his shoe?   4. I got a huge big hair cut- mom says I look housewifish (moms are givers) 5. This was probably seconds before Allyson said 'ouch!' 6.Why yes- that is a pick up truck, that is apparently ours- which my children think is better than a ride in a roller coaster.  But what a cool picture? 7.Could she really be the size of a full grown woman? 8. You are correct, that sky looks like it is about to unleash all hells fury on our sweet air show 9. I can't believe it either- but that is the face my husband makes when someone holds up a camera (I know) 10. Ring Pops- apparently Dad doesn't see a problem with TWO crystalized sugary stickiness instead of just one.

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