Monday, May 23, 2011

Help. Please.

I'm not even going to pretend that I know what I am talking about.  Cause I don't.  And as soon as I think I do- I bump the ceiling with a paint roller full of orange paint or my kid pukes in front of the entire sunday school class.  And it all just confirms one thing- I have no idea what I am doing.  So there is that.

On another note- I am in need of help. (seriously- I expect some good comments with suggestions- puleeze).  I spent the past week trying to find a new place for my nephews (plural) (yes- brothers) graduation open house because my sister so rudely went and burned her house down just two weeks before we were to have it there.  Then I adjusted the announcements, printed new maps to the new place and spent two hours cursing some big giant stupid printer that kept jamming up every.other.print until I finally held a stack of neatly printed, tear stained graduation announcements, with only half with torn bent corners from ripping them from the printing track secret back door in the printer.

And when I got back home from delivering them- I had an email inviting us to my nieces graduation party.  From eighth grade.  On the same day.  We haven't exactly been on 'speaking' terms with this portion of our family which has brought on rivers of tears more days than not (from me- not them I'm sure).  So to be included was nice.  But now we probably can't go- which is going to feel odd.  Like we're ditching them.  Which we are.  But in all fairness, we are kind of coordinating my nephews openhouse at the same time that day.

But that is not my problem.

The real dilemma here is WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU BUY A CHILD WHO IS GRADUATING FROM EIGHTH GRADE?  Do people really graduate from eighth grade?  And if so- why?  I have never once been concerned that she wouldn't make it to this point.  My nephews from high school?  Yes.  My niece from elementary school? No.  But we have to send some tissue paper stuffed 'thing'- what would that be?  New dry erase markers?  A trapper keeper?  A thesaurus?  (Do people even use a thesaurus anymore)  BFF forever necklace?   A justin bieber barbie doll?  Help me- please.  Please tell me what I am to buy and stuff tissue paper on top of- because I just can't handle any more stress.


Ronda said...

College lined loose leaf paper. The kind she will need for the next four years as she actually completes something. Seriously? An 8th grade graduation party? I will never -- mark my words -- NEVER fall into that trap.

Ronda said...

That may have been a little harsh. Of course she completed something....middle school, which in this state is a requirement. Congrats to her in moving forward and putting that tiny chapter of her life behind her. To the parents, yikes. A graduation open house? Maybe a nice dinner followed by ice cream or even a party at the house, but not necessarily in her honor, and definitely not one that requires gifts. However, another gift idea: a package of #2 pencils. She's got lots of important tests ahead of her. After those are passed, let the celebrating commence.

Sarah said...

Maybe a "High School" or "Teen" like Bible or study guide. I had one when I was in high school that gave advise on different more "grown-up" topics and school related issues that you may be faced with durning High School. Came in handy for me.

Or, # 2 pencils and some legal paper sound useful as well! :)