Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And so goes another chapter in our world

 So Sam wrapped up his last preschool year last Friday.  Complete with an end of the year singing program.
 I always am surprised that the tears just come.  I'm sitting there, lost in thought about this being who is growing and changing and becoming a small adult person and BAM!- warm salty tears streaming my cheeks.
 I will never ever tire of watching the kids in their programs.  Ever.
This particular end of the year program means an end to the Goble family preschool years- and that is feeling a bit hard to embrace.  Wow- could all of our children really be past this stage now?

I even begged asked his teacher to PLEASE hold him back.  He's not as well versed in his abc song as the others are, his coloring needs a bit more attention and clearly his name is backwards when he writes it.  But no dice- she said he must go to the 'K' word next year.  Damn.

 We have felt blessed to be a part of this beautiful preschool.  And by this woman- who we have known through this preschool.  All of the teachers are wonderful, and we have enjoyed every single one that God brought into our lives.
But this one in particular has taught all three of our children- which is pretty special to us.

Friday, as I hugged her and thanked her for another great year, (I bet you can see this coming) I cried.  And then she cried.  And then Sam asked why I was crying.  And as we walked hand in hand out of that building for the very last time- I tried to explain it.  But there are no words.  It's just time, natural progression, life marching on and a mommas neverending need to shed a few tears.

Goodbye preschool- thanks for being so kind to us.  We'll miss you. (some more than others)(mainly just me).

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