Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I ain't yo momma!

 This morning- I awoke with the chickens to shuffle our eldest out the door for school, prepare our youngests donation envelope for his magical Wonder Walk today and dig up a dollar for the middles hat day.
 And then I started writing a list of stuff for Dan- our current Momma- to try and accomplish today.  Just basics like go to the bank- return these shoes- feed the children- children's activities and times- and for the love of all things pretty wash me some dag gone clothes would you puleeze.
 Last night- when I came stumbling through the door at dag gone near midnight- that same door I stumbled out of at 9am that morning- gallon of milk in hand, Dan looked up and said "well I'm glad I didn't make a special stop to get that".  I'd mentioned in the morning I'd try and get some- to which he didn't argue- so I did.
 I kindly (kind of) pointed that out and then discovered that the pants I put in the washer that morning and asked if he could toss in the dryer at some point were actually still in the washer.  So prior to putting away our groceries- I had to put my pants in the dryer.  And I may have mentioned that I asked if he could help with that.  Really- I was too tired to pick a fight- I was more whining than anything.
 To which he responded about how busy he'd been and hadn't just laid around all day.  No kidding?  You mean this stay at home, raise the kids stuff isn't easy?  Where's the bon bons and the magazines?  Where are the two hour bubble bath soaks?  No fresh mani pedi today?  Huh- strange.
Although, I must admit I would MUCH rather be the momma to this family.  I kind of enjoy it and live for it really.  So I am pretty stoked about breezing through the next weekish and climbing back onto our horse.

On a different, yet strangely similar note:
This morning around 7:30 Sam came running out and said he was dreaming he was in the restroom- except he was still asleep- and he peed his bed and needed a bath.
And for a small brief moment I was hugely relieved that I could just add 'wash all of sam's bedding' to someone elses list for the day.
Looks like Dan won't get that afternoon nap afterall.

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