Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to save $100,000 this summer- By Mynde

I found this article through another blog about a family and how they are going to save money this summer.  $12,000 to be exact.  It was written in all seriousness- but it is nothing but hilarious to me (and by reading the comments- which are sooo funny- I was not the only one).  I mean, really, who on earth does not see the absolute reality show idea when reading this ladies article?  Lets take her- and her money saving strategy- and plop her into a life where those budget cuts are the NORM and see how she can save a few more bucks.  I mean- what if you ALREADY serve hamburger (instead of steak) at your summer barbecues or you never had an arborist anyway? 

Inspired by her frugalness- I have decided to write my own list of how Dan and I are going to save over $100,000 this summer alone:

1.  Typically I order my photo prints from Snapfish, which averages out to around $.15 per print.  I will instead order them through Sam's club for $.13 per print.  I plan to print 20ish pictures this summer- that is a savings of $.40.

2.  Allyson has outgrown all of her shorts and most of her pants.  Again.  Typically we allow a budget of $1ish per item if we can find them at a yardsale or we get a bag of clothes from a dear friend.  Occasionally, we will 'splurge' at an actual store and pay around $12 for a pair of shorts.  This summer- I'm just going to stop feeding her and make her use rubber bands to hold the buttons together.  That is a savings of $16 (one new store pair plus 4 garage sale pairs).

3.  This summer- no one is going to break a single bone or have to have anything stitched shut.  Not only will that save gas driving back and forth to the hospital, but we can slap that 20% co pay right back into our bank account.  That should prove to be a savings of at least $180- give or take.

4.  No public swimming pools for us this year.  Instead we will dig a giant hole in the yard and line it with saran wrap and just let the Lord fill it with rain water.  Adults at the pool are $3 each and kids are like a buck fitty.  That is a savings of $10.50 per trip- typically 3-4 per summer.  $44 saved.

5.  Since the kids will be home- we will not be needing to fund their school lunch accounts the $1.80 per day.  2 kids- 40 days- $144 saved.  And since Ally is no longer eating- it's like a double win because I won't be feeding her here either.

6. Household renovations.  We operate on a basic 'fix what is broken' budget.  Since in the past 12 months we have replaced our furnace, air conditioner, washer/dryer, microwave, well pump and within the past 10 years the roof, windows and every other single dag gone thing that costs more than $50 it seems- we should be good to go.  Savings $25,000.

7.  Instead of the vacation to Italy and Europe complete with a Disney Cruise that we were contemplating this summer (complete with a traveling nanny and chauffeur), we will instead vacation with Dan's parents in Florida in their Condo and only really have to pay for our gas to get there and our food.  Savings of over $24,000!

8. Dan will drive a paid for Green Honda Odyssey with over 200,000 miles on it in lieu of the brand new Mercedes that he's been eyeing.  I have no idea what a luxury sedan costs- for for the sake of my money saving budget- we're gonna go with around $50,000.

9.  Call Waiting.  We are going to forgo that luxury this summer and instead save that $2 per month by making our callers hear a busy tone instead.

That is a grand total of $99,386.40 SAVED this summer alone.  Granted, I'm a little off from my goal- but if I trim just a big more from our budget I'm sure we can do it.  I mean switching to home made popcicles alone can save like $.75 per week.  If we shut off the electricity, do all of our cooking over a wood fire in the back yard and forgo the kids upcoming immunizations- we could EASILY reach that $100,000 mark.

Easy peasy.

(On a side note:  I've GOT to find out where Mount Baker is and be there when this lady and her family arrive for the week long camping outdoor vacation as opposed to their typical $5000 trip..........that would be worth the cost to get there alone!)

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Sarah said...

This made me laugh out loud...thank you; it was much needed today!

By the way, good luck with your goal. We'll help you out by coming to help you hand wash clothes or something to help you reach your goals! :)