Thursday, September 9, 2010

You've GOT to be kidding me

So- we all know what my laundry situation is, right?  I mean I must mention it at least once a week.  It is always on the verge of out of control, it's just where we live.  I struggle to keep up with five individuals clothing, underwear, towels and bedding- there, I said it.

Not to mention that should a drip, a single solitary drip, manage to land on Sam while washing his hands- he must change.  It is not up for debate- he can't handle it.  That usually produces and extra shirt or two in a day.  The child can have dirt all over his entire face- but his shirt will be completely dry and his flip flops dust free.  He hates that too- dusty flip flops.  He washes them in the sink.  And when he does he gets a drip or two of water on his shirt and must change.  See how this works?

Anyway, back to my laundry.  It's out of control and it always will be.  But everyone has clean underwear (usually) and something to wear.  And even if the towels aren't always folded, they are usually clean in a pile somewhere. 

Afterall- I don't have time to focus on laundry with this important blog to maintain- sheesh.

Last night, or technically this morning, at 5:24 am I heard Sam rummaging in his drawers.  Which can only mean one thing.  I went to assist him with changing his bedding and I WILL BE DANGED  if it didn't manage to leak around the wet pads I keep on his bed.  Crap.  I always insist that waterproof mattress pads are worth their weight in chocolate ice cream, until the waterproof back part rips and it begins to rip off every time you wash it.  Then it's worth NOTHING.  I've taken to laying crib mattress pads all over the mattress before I put the pad on- but this time I was not the winner- I was a giant looser.  It had leaked in between them.

I take Sam to my bed, lay him down and listen to him babble for 10 minutes or so before he becomes silent.  Two minutes later- here comes another one of my children (name omitted for sake of embarassing her to death) and she too had peed her bed.  I kid you not it has been YEARS since this one did that.  I just spit out the words "You have got to be kidding me" and hoisted my tired self back from the warm bed and went to her room to begin sheet strippage.  This time though the waterproof pad did its job and I was able to get her all set to go back to sleep. 

Two piles of bedding and wet jammies on my laundry room floor.

I climbed back into my bed just a few minutes before six am.  My alarm begins going off at 6- 4 minutes later.  Back up to begin washing loads of sheets and preparing children for school.

Fast forward to 8:00 am- Sam is tearing up his basket of clean laundry looking for fresh underwear.  Apparently he has now peed MY bed.

That's it.  God must be laughing his head off.  Which makes it okay if I managed to give Him a chuckle.  Otherwise I am on the verge of screaming and throwing in the towel.  You know- the wet dirty one because I haven't had time to wash them either- and it won't happen today because apparently I am going to do 16 loads of bedding.

I was going to blog about Sam knocking my hair iron into the toilet last night.  Somehow that is old news now.

May your morning be bright and your bedding be dry.

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