Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.......and I plan to.........

Prepare yourselves for what you are about to read.  You will be forever changed.

I was in Super Target the other day and there- right on the end of the check out lane- was this.......
Be still my heart.  Quisp.  Come to momma.

There was an entire endcap full of cereals from when I was a kid.  Including Alpha Bits- which I was never a fan of.  But Quisp? ranked right up there with King Vitamin. 

I was shrieking I was so happy- so then Sam was shrieking and cuddling the box too.  He didn't know why, but he was.  On the front it says something about a free t-shirt with three boxes and I instantly knew I needed five of them- so 15 boxes went into the cart.

And then I realized that was stupid- but I did buy one.  But I wish I had bought two, because it was absolutely as yummy as it was *cough cough thirty cough cough* years ago.  And even though I hid it in the cabinets my children found it and it is now all gone.

Here it is with my children.  Well, two of them- Emily refused to participate......

Doesn't Ally look thrilled.  No quisp for you my dear.  But Sammy- he had two bowls.

It's like when they brought back the little smurf dolls and tiny smurf mushroom cottages a few years ago.  These marketing companies are smart........and they know who has the cash. 
They are marketing to our children.................... through us.  And in this house, it is working.

Then we stopped at chick fil a and found this.......

This is kind of bitter sweet because I have said over and over and over in my head that they need to put ketchup in tiny trays so that we can skip the whole tear off little metal packages of ketchup and squirt them everywhere thing.  And then you have a pile of ketchup on a freakin paper on the table and it leaks through and voila there is smeary ketchup everywhere.  With tiny little corner triangle metalish ripped off things.  What a mess.  Apparently the ketchup master was speaking to more than just me, because here it is folks. 
A beautiful thing.
And here they are together, with Emilys sneaky little fingers trying to steel them from my photo.
Two fabulous little items that made for a happy momma day.
Sad but true.
I'm thinking of starting a fan club.

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