Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A conner prairie kind of day

 Weaving flax.  She said it would take all day to weave a tennis ball size ball of yarn.  She must not get the Michaels 40% coupons in the sunday paper.

 That poor over-touched chick.
 The chicken whisperer.
 Our 2010 Christmas Card photo.
 Just like a man.
 Yes- that is a real hot air balloon.  Hang on Sammy!

 Axe throwing......an acceptable game?
After our trip on Saturday, I just keep trying to imagine myself living in these times.
It seems so perfect.
But then I try to imagine sending my children out to the boiling pot of wax to make our families candles or having them check our food, which is cooking in a stove that is like 500 degrees.
Or hearing them say 'we're going out to play the axe throwing game' and not having a stroke.

My children are not responsible enough to be pioneers.

And based on my sorry little garden this year, neither am I.

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