Saturday, September 11, 2010

The day the world changed

Sam beat the girls out of bed this morning and we scrolled the Saturday morning cartoons together.  And he discovered boy shows.

It was like an epiphany of sorts for him.  He gasped.  He sat up.  He exclaimed.  He'd never seen anything like that before.  Like a reunion of two long lost souls.

He was taken back by the good guys and the bad guys- their cars- their shields- their helmets- their walkie talkies.  It was all so familiar, yet so foreign.  Like the friends he had known his entire life yet never met.

See- with two older sisters and being the baby and all, his choices for television viewing are limited.  The kid has watched his fair share of Hannah Montana and Saving Charlie, and he's even kind of taken a liking to the Wizards of Waverly Place- but simply as a default of not being the worst of the choices.  He has met Sponge Bob and Fan Boy and Chum Chum- which I consider kind of boyish and a happy medium for my 3 differently gendered and aged children.

We know PBS shows.  I find them charming and appropriate, and for the most part sweet and wholesome.  He has sworn off Word Girl and refuses to watch Sid anylonger, he gave those up almost a year ago.  Oh how I miss that science kid. 

However, with his new found 'boy' shows- somehow I think all of those Peep and the Big Wide World's I have dvr'd will go to complete waste.  I certainly hope he doesn't turn against Chuggington too. 

Hot Wheels Battle Force One- you have forever changed him.  He had me scan the week's schedule to see when they can be together again.  Apparently every other day at 8:30 am.

I don't speak boy.  And Sam does.  I can see that this is going to create a problem for us.

Why just this week we were playing with his giant new bag of monster trucks aka his new loves.  And action figures, which I don't know much of either.  One guy even has blood coming from his arm.  So I suggested sending him to the hospital.  Or find his mommy to kiss it.  And then my guy invited his to my house for cookies and milk.

I don't speak boy.  The closest thing I can even remotely relate to are barbies- which are kind of like action figures only with kickin' outfits and flowing hair.  I don't know how to 'play' cars or action figures with swords and light sabers.  But I am willing to learn, and I am trying like all heck- but it is not clicking.  How can you play with something that you can't even change it's shoes?  Where are their houses? 

I'm loosing my playability with him.  At least I still am the only one who will bake goodies or curl up in bed to read stories- because of that I'm sure I will still see him occasionally.  But running around the yard beating each other with pool noodles?  I will depend on someone without boobs to fill that role I suppose.

This child is all fired, busting at the seams boy.  He just came wired that way.  It started early with anything with wheels (which were few and far between in a house of polly pockets and miniature doll house people) and has progressed rapidly.

No one tell him that his favorite blankie in the entire universe, the one that he cried for an hour for when we forget it at grandmas, and he needs every night when he climbs into bed, is covered with sunflowers.
It has always cracked me up that out of all of the blankies that this testosterone filled child had to select from, he choose to fall in love with mine- one from the living room-one that is a homemade quilt covered with bright yellow flowers.

In our new found love of all things metal covered and loud- I find it charming.

In add due respect- I neglected to realize that I was posting this on what is in fact 9/11- the day the world really was forever changed.  With a heavy and prayerful heart I do remember that day vividly- even though I was no where near where tradgedy struck.

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