Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Days of our lives

I was at the grocery today- frantically grabbing this and that so that I can magically turn it into nutrition for the troops- when a old wrinkly man and woman, both wearing dress slacks and glasses, stopped me.  As the man approached, he held his finger out at me while making eye contact and I braced myself for a lecture.  Instead he asked me- while squinting his eyes in confusion- what day it was.

In my head instantly items began popping like pop corn.  It's green day, field trip day, meatloaf day, dust the house day, moms fancy hospital test day, room parent meeting day, library book day, gym day and sack lunch day.  Oh- and it's soft ball practice day.

But I know that in fact is not what he meant.  So I looked into his aged eyes and thought for a moment about what yesterday was so that I could come up with the correct response.  Finally I was able to tell him it was in fact Tuesday.  It has to be Tuesday since piano lessons were yesterday, afterall.

Someday I hope I will cherish the slower times that come with age that will hopefully land me in the produce section wondering what on earth time it is or what day of the week it has rolled around to.

I certainly hope that they have a wonderful Tuesday.  I might envy them and their slower pace just a little.

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