Friday, September 17, 2010

Lew's final debut

Lewis attended his second pet day at preschool this week.  I tried to convince Sam to let me bring a guinea pig- but he wouldn't have it.  He wanted his faithful steed there.  Which is Lew- in case you missed that- follow along.

Lew was happy to oblige because he got to bust out of the house and hang his head out of the car window for a while.  After I hoisted his rather large self into the car that is.  And then up onto the seat.  I now have a new respect for Emily- she is the one who typically helps lift him onto the porch after his walks.  I didn't realize what a chore that really is.
Getting to take our overgrown beagle to Sam's pet day was one of the best parts of my week.  And I am thankful that I got to do it.  I am not thankful that we won't ever do it again. (last year of preschool- babies growing too fast- life not fair, try and keep up man).
See, there is not a pet day at the elementary.  Apparently one year some yahoo brought their pet snake who bit someone and now Mr. Principal decided it is 'not safe'.  Whatever.  It probably wasn't venomous- spoil sport.
Back to pet day 2010.  There were 7 (seven- holy cow) dogs there that day.  If I could speak dog- I'm pretty sure I would have heard the other six snickering and pointing (if they had fingers) at Lew.  However- Lew was completely happy to collapse in a heap and wait for his entourage of small people while the others pranced around nervously- huffing and puffing and barking.  I'm pretty sure I would have heard him say something involving 'whippersnappers' and roll his eyes (if dogs could roll their eyes). 
Thanks for having us little man.  Lew felt like quite the celebrity.  I liked the way you 'sit like a preschooler' and waited in line to touch the other doggies.  By the way- take a look around and see how much taller you are than your friends and put the brakes on that growing crap, would ya.

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