Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I ain't got it

Whatever it is that makes women seem so put together and in control, I need some.

For I am way falling apart and out of complete and total control.  Everywhere I turn are piles of things that need my attention (bills, homework, laundry, dishes, grocery lists, filthy dog, children) and I just can't keep up with any of it.  All I can manage to pin it on is stress- but that just sounds stupid because what freakin' stress could I possibly really have?

But still- it's what I am blaming my lack of............everything on.

I want to write something funny to lift my spirits- but my heart just won't allow it.  So instead I will post this bummer of a blog and go wash the tears off my face.  Somedays just feel a bit like too much- and this is probably one of them for me.

I watched that stupid (I'm just being cranky- she is really like a living angel) Michelle Dugger and her brood of 19 kids last night on TV and I'm afraid that is what spurred my hopelessness.  She has it all so very together.  Stocked pantry, clean home, happy kids (who don't watch TV), homeschools, a husband who adores her and she is so positive and gentle with her children.   Wow- I'm thinking of moving us in with her.  With all those kids, I bet she wouldn't even notice.


Ronda said...

You've got it. And I've never watched that Duggar woman, but you know that's not reality, right?

She has a freakin' film crew in her house...she's got to have more people working backup.

If I had an army, I'd loan you part of it, though.

Mynde said...


And about the Duggars- I rethought moving in with them. We'd stick out like a sore thumb, what with children begging to watch sponge bob and all. Not to mention how kind they all are to each other- one whack from one of mine and instantly they'd know we were intruders.