Saturday, October 3, 2009

So- as I was busy trying to get the last minute plans in place for Allyson's slumber party tonight (you know- like trying to either wash or hide the piles of laundry)- the school called.

It was the nurse.

You know what that means- right? Allyson had a fever and I had to come and get her. Party postponed. Bummer for her, but she is handling it like a super trooper- no begging, sobbing or whining. She's just dealin'. It helps that she doesn't feel good- she gets it. Still a bummer.

Unfortunately- our October weekends are super jam packed- so we will have to squeeze this in when we can. Probably on my Birthday. Not exactly the was I was planning to spend that day- but it would be fun to get to party like a 10 year old that day : )

However- Dan is still taking the little man (aka trouble trouble trouble boy) to Richmond to visit his folks today and me and the girls are staying home. We're going to maybe go out for dinner (if Ally feels up to it), possibly a little shopping with Allyson's birthday money (again- if she feels like it) and then probably curl up for a girly girl movie, just the three of us. I am actually really looking forward to the evening ahead of us.

Dan is on nights next week. Yuck. I can feel myself panick a little bit- I sure do hate it when he's on nights. It just throws our entire world out of whack. But we will make it for a week. I'll just be one super tired momma.

Speaking of trouble boy- I better go find him. He is into EVERYTHING today. He'll be lucky to make it until his dad gets home from work if he keeps it up : )

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