Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In case you are wondering, nothing yet.

Something tells me that even whatever 'it' is that is coming-----won't be much of an earth shattering event to anyone but me.  And I'm okay with that.  It just feels nice to STILL be feeling this overwhelming anxiousness.

 Sam went for his recheck on his arm- and being the rough and tumbly boy he is- both bones had shifted even though he is in a cast up to his armpit.
 Us Gobles- we're talented that way.
This time I told the doctor that NO WAY was sam going tob e awake when it was reset.  But sam chimmed in and said to just do it so he could get on with his last day of kindergarten.  What a kid.  So the doctor sawed all the way around, blocked a new angle with popcycle sticks, rewrapped it in new cast stuff and we made it in plenty of time for his last day.

I question how 'normal' this treatment is.  I mean seriously?  But what the heck- we're committed now.

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