Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I'm pretty sure yesterday was supposed to be all about me.  Well, me and my mother.  And dan's mother.  And every other mother.  But that's it.  It was MOTHERS day.

Late afternoon Ally was taking a ride in the neighbors go cart.  In our neighborhood. Not through the crazy wild hills of Kentucky.  Her hand got trapped by a tire.  It was horrible to see her in such pain.

I took her to the ER.  Her hand was bent up, swelling, and hurting.  (No cuts, no blood, just disfigured handness).

While we were at the ER, waiting in a room full of people that should have just gone home (in my humble self taught medical opinion) Dan called.  He was on his way with Sam- who had fallen- and broken his arm.

And I was taken completely off guard.  It takes a lot to catch me that off guard.  I mean my world is typically kind of crazy, I am used to the weird stuff.  But two broken kids?  Two hurting children sprung from my womb at the same time?  Two of my family waiting for medical care in a sea of weird ER patients?

I had to go to the ER desk and tell them that my son was also on the way.  And that they should keep the portable xray machine close.  I'm positive I was white as a ghost.

Allyson's hand was crushed- but not broken.  She has a large hemotoma, but should be fine in a week or so.

Sam managed to snap both bones in his little arm.  And the ER Doc?  The same one we saw a week and a half ago with the whole quarter incident.  And he remembered us.  Yay Gobles.

After we got home late late late and had a beautiful mothers day dinner of pizza while bathing children, I had to run to work.  Remember that crazy air show I work just part time for any other time of the year?  Yeah, well it's the time that I have to work ALOT more, and this week is crazy busy with printing deadlines.  Knowing my future and the fact that the ER doctor said nothing for Sam to eat or drink after midnight- I'm expecting a hard day today.  So I worked from 11pm and rolled up in my crib at close to 4am. 

And I was greeted by a puking Emily.

Next year, I am begging them to just skip the whole shebang.  Perhaps maybe JUST a card.  But another day like yesterday I'm not sure I want to experience anytime soon.

We're off to an ortho doctor this morning.  I am not looking forward to the day my little Sam is up against.  Or the fact that he is probably going to be in a huge heavy hot cast most of the summer.  Poor little man.


Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! How terrible! Poor kids and poor Mom and Dad. I had to read your post to my husband who agreed that you needed another shot at Mother's Day. I hope the kids heal fast.

Mynde said...

Aww- thanks.

However, I'm not sure I even want to TRY and do that day over : )

Anji said...

Sorry I missed this. I hope that you have a normal Mother's day next year.

As my hubby ended a long and painful broken elbow incedent, I had to check my daughter into the same service with a broken elbow the next day. There was a lot of laughter over this, for once they all knew how to spell our strange (to them) Norwegian name.

The bone specialist wrote to our family Doctor that he would be happy to see the rest of the family whenever we needed him.