Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My week

I know I've been pretty hit and miss lately.  Mostly miss.  Not that I even really expect that anyone has noticed.  But typically I blog most days, and lately I haven't.  So there.

I will now catch you up to speed on the past weeks happenings......

 It has officially rained and been horribly cold at every single one of Sam's soccer games this far.  It is my sincere and absolute hope that this Saturday ends that trend as we will now have not only a soccer game, but a softball game each and every Saturday for the rest of our lives. 
Or for the next 8 weeks or so. 
Either way.
 Rosie finally healed and got to have her stitches out.
 That same afternoon- she managed to catch her first squirrel and bring it's sad little dead bleeding body onto the deck (you can see the poor thing laying under the picnic table).  She then cried and whined at the door (inside) because we wouldn't let her back outside to 'play' with it.  We had to call our neighbor to come help rid us of the little bleeding furry thing. Squirrels are my favorite thing ever, in case I've never mentioned it.  And now Rosie is on my bad list.
The kids had retro day.  I could kick myself for not getting a snap of Emily as an 80's chick (we had the hair dead on)- but here is Sam.  He came up with it on his own......penny loafers, leather jacket, jeans, white undershirt--- what a great kid. 
What I find to be the most awesome is that giant orb of light.  I think it is his papaw.

 The kids had their walkathon at school.  I was glad I got to go see them both.  Apparently Emily was weepy that morning and didn't want to walk because she was so sad that I wasn't coming.  And then I got to come afterall- and she was so happy!
 I always love the school events- they are my favorite things to do.
 After the walk there was crazy fun music and dancing.  And Sam totally cut a rug and showed off his mad break dancing skills.
 Ally's best friend that moved to Massachusetts came home for a visit- and her parents let her spend the night with us.  It was awesome.
Emily has figured out how to use a new app on my phone and now I keep finding super fun pencil drawings on my phone.  She has always been one to surprise me with her self portraits on any camera we own.

My true talents have been discovered by the school as they allowed me to help with the kindergarten play design.  That is my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.  All mine baby.
Please don't contact me to design fancy schmancy designs for your plays and productions, I just simply don't have the time.  But thanks, it's very flattering.

Ally and I had a heart to heart on Sunday afternoon about how she was 12 and not a child and that we should let her do whatever she wants to do because when she turns 18 she's going to anyway and that she isn't the perfect child we want her to be and she won't grow up to be the person we want her to be either.
Heartwarming I know.
Then I put her up for adoption on facebook, dried my tears and prayed for strength and we left to go to church for a youth function.
They had all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do while the parents had 'a meeting'.
And 'the meeting'?  It was a short sermon for parents to continue on this path even though it is hard.
To continue talking about God and reading His word to our children, even though they totally act like they don't want to hear it.
To know that God has these little people right where he needs them to be.
To rest in peace knowing that God will help us to raise them.
And I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be as well.  Can you believe that kind of confirmation?  It's happened so many times in the past few months I can't even begin to explain it.  But I know that God is talking to me.  I've never been more thankful than last Sunday though- His message was loud and clear and right on time.  My defeated broken heart suddenly felt renewed.
And I went and watched as Ally played and laughed and began to make new friends in a new church that she 'hates'.

And that brings us up to yesterday, when Sam swallowed a quarter.
Yep- a quarter.  The real big shiny silver kind.
Turns out that at the start of class his teacher had to leave because her child was at school and swallowed a coin.  So then one of Sam's classmates encouraged him to do it to.
So he did.
A couple short hours in the ER revealed a nice shiny round coin in his belly.  No worries, it should pass on it's own.  But just to confirm, the next few days involve lots of fun stuff for Dan and I every time little man has to 'go'.
Just to confirm- we do get to keep the quarter, right?
Imagine if you will the awkwardness when the doctor was reviewing the x-ray and I ask if he happens to see any spare legos in there.
Last week he had a little tiny lego in his mouth and managed to swallow it.  Based on the extreme smallness of the lego, the fact that it was plastic and that he is our third child- I didn't take him to the doctor.  I figured it would be fine.  But since we were there anyway, why not take a look- right?
Anyway- he did not, so I was right and it came through without a worry.
Here's hoping old George does the same.


Halala Mama said...

Oh God..when do they ever outgrown the swallowing things on a dare phase? I once thought my son swallowed a nickel and had that same fun experience of "Poo sifting." My advice? In case you are in need of it, is to dedicate a colandar to this, run hot water over the poo in the colander, and then see what you are left with if anything. Then make certain your husband knows what you have been doing with that colandar so that he doesn't pop it in the dishwasher and then freak the hell out later when you enlighten him on why you threw it away in the first place.

Anji said...

What a week! Can't wait to read next week's instalment.

I love your pictures too

Sharon said...

Sam looks just like the Fonz!! He is a cool little kid!!

Mynde said...

Oh Janet- I'm laughing just thinking about your collander story!