Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well Poop!

If you accompany a group of kindergarteners to the zoo............

And in your group are boys..............

You can bet your bones you will hear alot about............

Penguin poop.
Rhino poop.
Tiger poop.
Floating elephant poop.
Big poop.
Little poop.
Do they feel like they have to go poop.

And they will giggle. 

And you will shake your head after giving up on even fighting it.


Anji said...

Just wait till they get to visit the sewage station! (it you have one in your area)

I love the pictures of them all in blue.

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Mynde said...

The blue shirts were to help us not loose them- bright orange flags might have been more helpful.

I may not be able to go on the sewage station field trip- I might have plans that day : )

Halala Mama said...

and then, when they are older and you take them to the zoo, you will hear "wow..that hippo poop is huge," and "Mrs. A. Spring was in the air for the lions."