Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tell me I'm not the only one

I wanted breakfast for dinner.  Including french toast stuffed with white chocolate cream cheese.  Don't judge- just listen.

But we were out of half & half.  Which is also an issue for my morning coffee- so I knew I best be getting to the store.

Dan has hurt his back again.  He came straight in the door from work and went right to bed.  He's hurting so badly.

So I loaded up the two youngest to go with me to the store.  But since I was heading out anyway, I may as well:

Run by CVS to get a gift card for my neices birthday to add to the book I got her.
And since we'll be out, I may as well drop it by her house for her.
Which means I need to take some wrapping paper so I can wrap it all up before we drop it off.
And since we'll be right there, I need to get Emily's bag/hat for girlscouts at the craft store.
While we are down there, I need to print a photo for Dan's mom.  And since I'm going into Walgreens to do that, I better pick up the items on my list.  Which means I have to dig out those nutrigrain bar coupons.
In the same area is Panera, and it is teacher appreciation week, so while we are there we should pick up one of those giant muffins for each of the kids teachers.
And looky, the gas light is on- better head to Sams to refuel.
Finally we stumble into Marsh.  Since we are going, I may as well get the few items on my list that we need, right?  So we grab $40 or so of various stuff from all over the entire store, pay, tell the children to quit playing tag at the checkout lanes (400 times).  Pay and head home.  Two hours later.

Only to discover I did not buy half & half. 


Anji said...

I know that feeling...

The Smiling Mommy said...

Oh boy do I know how that is!! I had quite a chuckle, and through out your entire post I was nodding my head, yep, yep that's me, yep!! LOL You are definitely not the only one!!

Wishing you a very Happy Mothers Day!!!


Halala Mama said...

I do that alllll the time. Then I curse profusely. In fact, I"m more adept at cursing than actually buying everything I need in one trip.

Mynde said...

Glad to know I am not alone. Except that means you have all experienced that horrible feeling of defeat as well : )