Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Resistant to Change

I'm a creature who doesn't like change.

I mean does.not.like.change.

And Allyson, my oldest?  She doesn't either.

So when we up and switched churches this past year?  She has protested.  LOUDLY.  Although she agrees that the new church is nice, she wants to go back to what she knows.  To what she is used to.

Truth be told, I do too.  But I know that we are where God wants us to be.  He keeps confirming that.  For whatever reason, he needed us to move around and shake things up.  Perhaps it was just to make us uncomfortable enough to search for Him again.  To awaken the holy spirit in us.  And it has.  And it is continuing to do so. 

It's been the most powerful experience of my life.

But every week, Allyson continues to voice her feelings about not wanting to be at this 'new' church.

So we did what every responsible parent would do.  We signed her up for a week long church camp with the new kids she doesn't think will ever be her friends.  Packed up her suitcase, kissed her on the forehead and put her on that bus. Yep- we sure did.

And now I just pray pray pray pray pray that God allows her heart to receive the joy that I KNOW is at that camp.  The JOY that I know is in Him, if she will just receive it.  And that she'll make a few more friends and eventually begin to feel like this church could be her home.

We arrived at the church bright and early yesterday morning.  Several girls greeted her and they chatted and messed around while we waited.  We gathered in a large circle and lifted these young people to the Lord with prayers for safety and guidance.  And when we finished she ran off with her friends to find a van to ride in.  Before climbing in, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me.  And I knew that it was okay. That she was going to be okay.

I will be anxious for Friday to pick her up and HOPEFULLY hear about what a fun week it was.  But more than fun, I want her to allow the seeds to be planted for a faithful life for her.  And I'm hoping this week provides that opportunity.

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Dreamandthegirl said...

You sound like such a sweet Mother. Your kids are so lucky to have you. I wish you luck with your new church & look forward to the camp update :)