Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why am I so TIRED?

We live in a nice home.

With a nice bed.

And warm covers.  As well as an operational furnace.

I have comfy pajamas.  And comfy slipper socks- that I wear to bed (don't judge- I mean , have you even tried wearing your slippers to bed?  It's amazing.  Until one comes off and you spend 10 minutes in your sleepy state trying to find it so your mind will let you go back to sleep.  Too much info? Perhaps.)

Why on earth am I waking up so tired????

No joking- that little triangle up on the left corner?  THAT is where I get to sleep.  And only because I beat the dog into the bed and claimed it for myself before she jumped up and took the rest.  If there were cameras in our house (which I am hoping there aren't) I'm sure it would be a sight to see each night as I race that dag gone dog down the hallway, being careful not to fall in my slipper socks. 

And the little one in the middle?  He was wise to keep himself over on his daddy's part of the bed- because Rosie shows no mercy when she pushes you out of her way.  I'm living proof.

I'm thinking of adding a trundle to our bed, so maybe, MAYBE, I can get some actual rest.

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