Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearty heart heart

Life has been a little nutty lately.  Not nutty as in peanuts- because that makes my son stop breathing.  But nutty as in crazy.  Nutty as in my eyes are full of tears dang near constantly- it's just a matter of what will make me cry that day.  Nutty as in we've had frozen pizza for dinner twice this week.  And felt blessed to have it.
Just nutty.
 We've been running in circles.  Kids activities.  Church activities. Sick parents.  Home responsibilities.  And then there is work.  I am getting super swamped at work, so even there I am under such a huge amount of stress that I feel like I could explode. KABOOM!
 But today?  All of the beautiful valentines lining the kitchen counter from my wonderful husband, the joy of seeing the kids pick which heart shaped doughnut they wanted to start their day with, knowing that in two short hours we get to have a special valentines lunch at school with emily, and looking forward to tonight when we have dinner reservations at Chez White Castle- our traditional day of love eatery (even though said dinner will be at 8pm after basketball games clear up north of the city in some town I've never even heard of).........today I feel like I can do it.
 Right now I can hear Sam singing 'yes Jesus loves me' while he plays with toys on the floor. 
Confirmation that it's all going to be okay.

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AR said...

Hello! I just started a family blog, and I was quite curious about that "next blog" button. That brought me to you! I couldn't help but notice how many similarites we have! I have 3 children as well. I love your writing, you speak very eloquently! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful day! Smiles! Amy "The Smiling Mommy"