Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye Basketball Season

 Goodbye constant daily practices & games. And daily driving to the school.
 Goodbye rummaging through laundry baskets to find whatever jersey needs washed on whatever day
Goodbye excitement and hoopla

 Goodbye sweet little second graders who totally double dribble and sweet refs who don't call it all the time.

 Goodbye over excited mommas who sometimes scream a little too loud during the game (she totally made the shot by the way)
 Goodbye best coach I have ever experienced. EVER. He's a childrens minister- it was a great season for miss emily. And for us parents.  What an inspirational man.
 Goodbye anxiety as I watch my baby get ready to be put into the game.

 Goodbye dirty stinky gym shoes.
 Goodbye school fight song.  I've enjoyed hearing you at every game!
 Goodbye always winning the tip. Chances are those girls are gonna grow this year and you will no longer be the tallest on any team you play.
 Goodbye nachos for dinner.  Oh how we are going to miss our daily liquid cheese infusion.
 Goodbye really loud cheerleaders........
 Who make me super duper nervous each time they do.......
 THIS!  Thank you for never dropping anyone.  Except that once, but we won't talk about that.
 Yeah-it's sideways.  Whats it to ya? (I don't know how to fix it) But check out those socks, will ya? 

Goodbye Basketball season 2012.  Thank you for having us.  My girls have had a great time, and so have I.  You have been kind and encouraging, loving and special.  We will always remember you.  Thank you for letting Allyson make the team, it has been such an honor for her.  And thanks for having Emily- she certainly loves you.  Hopefully next year you will see Sam- he will fit right in I'm sure.


Sharon said...

Oh Mynde -- makes me tear up. You have captured a Mom's journey with her children during their upbringing and you don't even realize you have done it but I do -- on my end of the spectrum I feel those feelings ... thank you. (and I SO enjoyed watching Emmy's last game -- she was surprisingly good for I didn't think she'd enjoy a sport that much but she did). And Ally makes me flat out proud -- in fact, I'm going to post a boast on FB (true to a Grandmother's style:).

Love you........Mom

Anonymous said...

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