Thursday, February 16, 2012

Room Mothers who Set the Bar HIGH

I am Emily's room mother.  Truth is- Sam and Emily fought over whos room mom I got to be. 

Yeah- I'm THAT good.

There was a loooooong line of fools women lined up to be the kindergarten room mom and I think they finally settled on four who would split that duty.  I don't like to share my awesomeness- so I stepped away from that mess.

And I ran down the hall to the second grade wing.  Because there?  The demand for this position is much less.  By then women have learned that it is high in pressure and low in pay- and most buckle under that kind of stress.  But not me.  With my glue gun in my holster, I signed the form.  And although I get to split the duties with another mom- she has turned out to be completely unavailable for the kind of responsibilities that are a requirement of this role.  So it's all mine baaaaa-byyyyyyyyy.

One of the long list of tasks cast upon the shoulders of the mother of the room is cookies for the valentine celebration.  We are not permitted to actually set foot in the building mind you- we are to deliver the confections (store bought with labels in tact- home made goodies equal death traps in our school system) and leave.

Being the rockstar room mom that I am, I managed to remember at dang near 9pm Monday night (aka- the night before valentines day) that I had yet to purchase said sweet baked goods.  So I ventured into the Meijer.  Keep in mind, I hate the Meijer, so this is really a sacrificial effort on my part- all being done in my complete dedication to this ever so important role.

There they were.  Not heart shaped, but iced with heart sprinkles, which screamed 'good enough' for me.  Emily wanted to look around and promptly fell in love with another variety.  The green iced cookies with shamrock sprinkles, mind you.  It took some doing, but I finally convinced her that going 'St. Patty's Day' might compromise my room mother of the year award and we just couldn't take THAT kind of a risk.

Which is when she picked the yellow frosted cookies with multi colored sprinkles.  Really?

Despite my best begging and whining, she wouldn't hear of switching for the sweet valentine variety.  And since I was absolutely exhausted, I gave up and off we went.  But I told her the consequences of going that drastic in our cookie choice was all on her tiny second grade shoulders.  I was washing my hands of it.

After school the next day, she came home and told me how she announced to the class that she wasn't sure WHY her mom would have picked yellow cookies for valentines day.  (and I'm sure she rolled her little evil eyes).

She threw me under the bus.  I only hope that no one on the PTO was near the room, they'll be marking their list for next year and there will be NO HOPE for me to show my true room mother awesomeness that I'm sure is in here somewhere.  Because next year?  Oh yeah- I can feel it.  It's gonna be my year to shine!


AR said...

Oh girl! You just had me literally laughing out loud!! Your daughter sounds as wonderfully spunky as mine!! Annelyse is in the 2nd grade also, and she has her mind set these days!! There will be no telling her otherwise either!! hee hee!! Anyway, I stopped by to say hello, and to thank you for coming by my blog! I wanted to offer you my services if you ever need. I made the banner and the little avatars and I also make siggies as well. (I edited the pics too :) I'd be happy to make something for your blog. Just say the word!! Have a lovely evening! We finally got snow, first REAL storm this entire winter! SO WEIRD! Smiles!! Amy

Mynde said...

Wow- you would do that for me????? I hate to admit it but I'm not even sure how one would upload a new header???? This might be more than you were bargaining for ;0)

Mynde said...

Wow- you would do that for me????? I hate to admit it but I'm not even sure how one would upload a new header???? This might be more than you were bargaining for ;0)