Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes

You know how when you have a birthday approaching and people may or may not ask you if there is anything you are wanting as a gift?  And you say 'No- I have everything I need'.  And sometimes you mean it, but sometimes you are secretly hoping for something in particular? 

Something flashy, bling blingy, off the hook?

As the years have progressed, so has my 'wish' list.  Some years, all I really wanted was a child to fill my lap to help blow out a candle on any kind of cake in the universe.  Some years, I just wanted a waitress to bring me a hot meal and then wash the dishes afterward.  Truth be told- I love my birthday.  Mostly because my husband goes over the top.  He truly does make the day about me.  He has the kids so wound up that they are exploding with information regarding a 'surprise' ice cream cake hidden in the freezer.  They shop, look, sneek around, hide things.  I LOVE it!

This year though, I made no bones at ALL about what I would LOVE to get as a gift.  If I were to get a gift, which I certainly didn't require, but should anyone ask about what kind of GIFT I might enjoy, then THIS was the answer that I wanted them to hear:

Flashy stylish clothes- NO
Vintage jewelry- NO
Rare Paintings- NO
Engraved Candlesticks- NO

My hopes were for something much GRANDER than any of those.............
A Four Slice Toaster and
A big super squishy bicycle seat to accomodate my rear end

Funny how our wish lists progress as we age, isn't it?

There she is, in all her glory.  A four, count them, FOUR slice toaster.  My frozen waffle making days just got much easier!

(I got the mushy bike seat too- but I'm sparing you a picture of my derier planted upon it!)


Anonymous said...

Fancy, schmancy!! Will be at your house for waffles tomorrow at 5 a.m.

Sharon said...

How wonderful -- I knew it was in your future (in Dan's truck) but didn't know when it would appear on your counter so couldn't say anything...and how nice that it matches your other kitchen appliances. He also said it was designed to toast hoagie sized buns and I think that is fantastic.