Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I only thought I didn't understand baseball..........

At least I understood the basic goal of the game though.  Baseball that it.  And basketball, I kind of get that too.  Cheerleading, check.  Soccer, for the most part I understand.  But wrestling?

I knew the minute I walked in the gym and the coach wrote a series of numbers on my baby's hand and strapped that fancy ear thing to his head that I was confused.  And scared.  Because I knew that at some point Sam was going to get down on that mat- either on purpose or by force- and I was not looking forward to it at all.
 I mean seriously.  WHO signs their kid up for this *stuff on purpose?(*I wanted to say shit but I knew my mom would complain about cussing on my blog- but really I think that might be an appropriate word to use here.)  But Dan wrestled- and Sam thought it sounded better than basketball- so WE did.

 His entire life I have told this boy to get off people, don't hit, no pushing, don't lay on someone, get off the floor, you'll hurt someone when you climb on them................
 And now we are freakin' encouraging it.  But this time with ear protectors and teeth guards.  I must admit- when we got there and they were strapping on these velcro things to their ankles (see the red and green things?) I thought that the little kids were playing  flag wrestling and I was hugely relieved. And then I saw kids throwing each other around and I realized I was wrong.  Way wrong.
 The kid was thrilled.  The first two matches he was beaming happy- smiling ear to ear.  Even when he got 'pinned' technical term (laid on top of- I call it like I see it).   I could hardly watch.  I felt like the mom in Karate Kid when Daniel is at the final meet and his leg is all broken and he's crying and messy and she's crying and messy.  And I couldn't help but to wonder if Chess Club wouldn't have been a better choice, which is obviously YES because who gets hurt playing chess?
 Even on his wrestling restroom break- the kid was happy happy happy thrilled.
 Here is Sam and his third match partner playing a little rock-paper-scissors pregame warm up.
 Dude- this kid was rough and tumbly.  And I KNEW it wasn't going to work out right.
 And as he climbed onto Sam's head I saw it coming.
 Wait for it.........
There it is- instant hurt neck & and tears, but a still proud, but done, little man.

I'm not sure that he will want to compete in any more 'matches'- but we will continue with the practices because they do good strength training and excercises and for the most part they play 'shoe tag', which totally makes more sense to me anyway.

Because if he progresses and needs that fancy leotard and starts body slamming (or being body slammed) I'm just not sure I can handle it.  Nor do I know what to scream from the stands.  Some parents were screaming 'Stand Up'- but clearly their kid was under some other kid with his leg wrapped up around by his ear and his arms twisted around their back with their face smooshed into the mat and I'm thinking I'd be screaming 'Surrender'.

But that's just me.  Seriously- it was way more than I could handle.  I'm thinking ice hockey might be less traumatic.  Or demolition derby.


Sharon said...

Well, shit, Mynde!! That kid folded our Sam over like a tortilla and then LAID on him!!! (I think he's illegal anyway -- he doesn't have ear covers!)

That's all I have to say.


Ready2BMommyAgain said...

Having grown up in a wrestling room, this may have been the most amusing point of view I've ever heard! "True" wrestling is a dying sport...keep Sam in it! He will prosper in ways you could never imagine! Get the boy a cup, mouthpiece, and some wrestling shoes...the fancy leo will make him more humble than any other thing on this planet! Let's be PC about it, though...don't call it a leo - it's a singlet. Ballerinas wear leos!
Thanks for the good read!
~wishing for a son myself!

Mynde said...

Ahh- singlet. Thanks for the heads up. I've learned after having a boy that they don't wear 'panties' either. Sheesh.