Monday, November 28, 2011

Emma Sue

 My Emily is my middle child.  She is beautiful, kind and generous.
 She is confident, happy and beautiful in a huge front teeth, awkward body growing phase kind of way.
And she describes the day she was born as the day she became a little sister- rather than the day she became Emily.  She lives to be with Ally- I certainly hope some day that child can see that, and appreciate it.

And that Miss Emily is now lying.  It is happening frequently.  About brushing her teeth, hanging up her jacket, eating her veggies..........seems like about anything at all.  And last night, not even an hour after we had a heart to heart about lying and how it makes others not trust us, she did it again.  This time it was about taking her inhaler before bed- she looked me right in the face and lied to me.  And I had to spank her.  Hard.  And then I cried myself into a mess.  And now this morning, I'm still crying.

Man this parenting thing is no walk in the park.


Dan said...

what are u doing up?

Mynde said...

Crying about miss emily and having to spank her. Plus I woke up with you and couldn't go back to sleep- why fight it, right? Love you.