Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life just isn't living without you

I can't even remember when- but I do remember the day.  The day I found the PERFECT step stool for our kitchen. 

It was wide and sturdy.  Safe for me to hop onto to in order to dig out the cream of tarter from the back of the spice cabinet.  And you KNOW that it was WAYYYY in the back- because what the heck do you use it for anyway other than Snickerdoodle cookies?  Or for Dan to use to change the lightbulbs.  Or to pull up as a chair when visiting with company at my kitchen counter.  It was also a perfect time out spot for our children.  Or me- when I was in need of a time out myself.

It was a dark wood color, heavy and strong, sturdy (but I already mentioned that) and it had a long slot right in the middle for carrying it around.  And we carried it everywhere.  Anywhere that we needed to climb up a little higher- the back of the top shelf of the linen closet, to get down one of the things I store on top of the laundry room cabinets, out in the yard to give Sam the extra height to reach the lowest branch.........everywhere.

And then just like *that*- one day Sam comes peeling through the kitchen not paying a lick of attention to where in the heck he is going and trips right over my stool.  Wood flies one direction, Sam flies the other........and my stool is broken forever.

For the record- I'm pretty sure Dan could have fixed it, he just claimed he couldn't because he's a weiner.  (no more anonymous comments from you either fever boy- you could have fixed it).

The only stools I can find to replace it are plastic.  And foldable.  Gross.

So here's the deal, if you have seen or know of one of these stools (originally sold for like, ever, at Bed Bath and Beyond only they don't carry them anymore, only their ugly plastic counterparts) PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Even if it is in your Great Aunt Myrtles basement, I can make a pretty slick offer that I'm sure she won't turn down.  I've got cash and a cabinet loaded with hand lotion and toothpaste.  I'm pretty sure we can come to an agreement.  And I'll reward you too- you know, like a finders fee.  You won't be buying dishsoap for an entire year- or maybe even toothbrushes too if you locate it in the same dark wood color.

I need that stool.


Vicki said...

I found one!! AND... It's ON SALE, too! Is this it???

Mynde said...

HOLY COW! That's my stool! It is more than double what they used to charge for them at Bed Bath and Beyond- but you KNOW I'm ordering it anyway, right? I mean, we NEED that stool.
You win the grand prize! Clean dishes and teeth for a year coming your way!