Thursday, November 3, 2011

This little piggie is going to live with another family today.  A friend at work has a little boy who has been BEGGING for one of these little critters for a while and he turns 11 this week.  Chocolate is his gift.  If I am guessing correctly, I am thinking he will only be called Choclate for another 5 hours or so.  Then he'll probably be renamed something like Super Ninja, Rambo or Schazam.  As long as he is going to a good home and won't be named anything like Crock Pot Guinea Casserole- it's all good.

We still have the other piggie- but he might be leaving our home too.  Rosie (our new dog) doesn't like the guinea pigs like we like the guinea pigs.  We think they are sweet, she wants to eat them.  Therefore, the door to the girls room has to remain shut.  This is troubling their asthma I'm afraid (even though I am changing them three times a week- the cedar dust is also quite heavy in there).  Plus- they aren't really holding them anymore because of the whole dog thing (she can jump pretty high).  We'll see- we might try and relocate his cage to something higher, really high actually, and see if that works at all.

And just to answer your question in advance, Yes- I did in fact allow the girls to convince me to paint their room that color.  Say it with me, WOW!

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JT said...

I have to respect a women who is willing to paint that color on the wall of her home for her children. That is LOVE.

: )