Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day- a tribute.............

Our days around here are simple. Although nothing to brag about- it is what it is. That's why 'special' days- like valentines day- are so much fun. It's a reason to step outside the box, do something fun, enjoy each other (for a change).

After our lunch of heart shaped pizza (that no body wanted to eat I might add) we decided to head to the park for my new found love- sledding.

Nothing says I Love You like hurling your children down an ice covered hill toward a fence and parking lot on a plastic disc.

We ran into a friend and her kids at the park. She is a nurse. Just a heads up- don't go sledding with a nurse. They will point out every potential horrible thing that could happen- and then describe all the horrible things they know have happened while sledding.

And then you'll get all nervous and scared.

And then your child will smash their face into the icey snow and blood will be running everywhere and their lip will swell up like a watermelon. I'm just sayin.

This is my favorite part of valentines day. Always has been. I remember waiting all day long on valentines for my dad to get home with 'the bag'. The bag was from the drug store and it always always always contained three candy hearts. Two little ones for me and my sister- and a great big giant one for my mom. Now I am the mom, and I get the big box- yeah me! I had considered telling Dan not to waste the money on a box for me this year- since I was actually with him when he bought them (we are such romantics)- but today when he gave them to me and I saw how excited the girls were to see my big box- I was glad I didn't. And I must say how cool it is that he always always always buys the kids a heart shaped box of chocolates on valentines.
Just had to include this. Emily sat for like two hours filling out her valentines last week. Two hours- never once complained, quit or fretted. She just kept filling them out until every last name was crossed out.
While at the park today- I couldn't help but notice these grown men all dressed up in knighty kind of garb fighting with foam swords and shields. What the heck? This was as good of picture as I could get- Dan wouldn't drive any closer. You'll just have to believe me- they were grown men fighting with foam swords. On valentines day. In the snow.

Then tonight for dinner, we made White Castle. It's kind of a tradition for us. It's fun, and different, and involves no hour long waits at the nice restaurants or me pretending to cook some extravagant meal. They deck out the restaurant in valentiney stuff, make the cashiers wear fancy clothes and wait on you at the table, and give you free ice cream. And yes- we in fact did have to make a reservation. White Castle, White Trash........whatever. We'll still do it again next year on this very day.


Ronda said...

Cute pizza! I would have eaten that.

I love how Emily doesn't seem to be going in any particular order. I did best friends first and they got the best valentines, and then the yucky boys got the very end of the box...the ones with the dumb jokes.

Anonymous said...

mom, we so did want 2 eat that pizza! or at least i did.! and u should have told me u'r gonna put that pic of me on there. i dont like people seeing it and talking about me. espesally after school 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronda said...

Who is this "anonymous" person that types like a teenager and refers to you as "Mom". Tell her to quit growing up and sounding so makes me nervous. :)

Dear Anonymous,
Capital letters and spelling counts, please. 2 is a number, and u is a letter, my dear. I only tell you this because I love you...or you know...i luv u.