Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOT what I had planned................

The refrigerator is in the dining room.

The vacume is in the kitchen.

I am am hiding here on the computer.

Yesterday- for whatever reason there could possibly be- I pressed the button on the water filter inside of the fridge. No reason, I just did. It popped out the filter. Cool. I pushed it back in. Done.

This morning- the dag gone filter is leaking water. I woke up and stumbled down the hall, following my small blonde child who was demanding justice in the form of television and a chocolate milk, and discovered a puddle of water on the kitchen floor.


I stepped over it to make my coffee. Priorities you know.

And then I did the unthinkable.

I pulled the fridge out of it's nice warm little cubby (with Sam helping me, all the while announcing how strong he is). I have not pulled out said fridge in years. YEARS. There were papers, magnets, fuzz, furr, cobwebs and dried hard stickiness back there. In fact, there still are- because I'm here typing instead of there cleaning. I just don't want to.

Anyway, since we actually eat the food that is in the fridge in the dining room- doesn't it make more sense to just leave it in there? Who knew I would help to solve the worlds problems this morning, not me.

Moving on- check out this beautiful new lover of mine.

Sweet mother of pearl- my entire house smelled like a chocolatey heaven while this bad boy was in the oven. And the icing. Oh the icing. You cook it in a pan on the stove- like fudge- and pour it over the hot cake. Be still my heart.

It was sooooo good. It's the chocolate sheet cake recipe from the pioneer womans website. And it is the new love of my life.

And to wrap things up today, I will share a various conversations with Allyson from the last couple of days:
Tuesday night:
Ally: remember mom- for the wax museum I need to have blonde hair.

Me: Try to put baby powder in your hair and see how that looks.

A few minutes and a gigantic mess in my bathroom later- she emerges........

Ally: What do you think?

Me: Eh, it looks more grey than blonde.

Ally: Well mom, my person is like 44. (said with compelte emphasis on the 44 part)

Me: ugh.

Yesterday morning:
Ally: singing a song they are learning in choir. Mom- have you ever heard this?

Me: Yes- it was popular when I was in school. Whitney Houston sang it.

Ally: Whitney who?

Me: uhg.

Later yesterday morning:
Me: Hey Ally, would you like to wear a pair of clip on earrings in the wax museum today- I think I have a pair of your great grandmothers in my jewelry box.
Ally: Clip on what? What is a clip on earring?

Me: uhg.

So basically- in three very short conversations Allyson confirmed that I am in fact old. Very very old.

So- to sum up this wayyyyyy too long entry- my kitchen is a disaster, my diet is not going well, and I am an antique.

Have a nice day- you bunch of sincerely old people! Now, go clean under your fridges and bake a cake!


Ronda said...

I'm glad to hear that's a cake, because when I saw its picture, I was still on the subject of refrigerator, and that pan of *something* represented a HUGE problem!

Mynde said...

Yeah- I contemplated taking a picture of what I found under the fridge but it was just too gross to share- and openly admit and document I might add. But the cake looks similar. But tasted better.