Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A very busy place...............

We had a wonderful Christmas! It has all come and gone so fast, that my head is still trying to embrace the fact that it is over!

We spent Christmas Eve at Moms with my family..........it was wonderful!

And Emily was 'blessed' enough to get kicked in the face by her sister- knocking out her very first tooth (rest assured- it was super wiggly before the incident!)

Santa even left a gift for Lew- I don't think he has moved from here since Christmas Morning!

And then Christmas Day we spent with Dans family. Sam was in heaven getting to spend hours upon hours playing with his cousin!

So, let me recap. In a matter of 24 hours we visited with all of our family members, had a visit from Santa, a visit from the Tooth Fairy, and much to my surprise- a visit from Aunt Flo (she only came to see me). But her visit meant no visit from the Stork- so I suppose it was a welcomed visit? I can only imagine how full the house was when they all popped in to drop off their goodies- we probably should have left out extra cookies!

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Ronda said...

Lew looks like he's died and gone to heaven!