Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stand back, I'm goin' in...............

So it was grocery day. *cue evil laugh*

I am so over grocery day- if it wasn't necessary to nourish these small ones the Lord has entrusted me with- I probably would just swear off the place.

But it's one of those things.

So after church, and after trying to split 4 pieces of bread, 1 package of honey ham and 1 can of ravioli between 5 people- I decided I had to muster the strength to go do the shopping. About the only thing left in the freezer were the pair of scissors sam stuck in there yesterday, some nasty brocolli thing and those dastardly popsicles (did I spell it right that time mom?)

So- even though it was Dan's day off- I took Sam with me. Why? Why? Why? I'm just crazy like that I guess.

Off we go. Put that down, don't run, get off the top of the cart, don't smash the chips, quit drawing on the freezer doors, no we can't get a car-or candy, come back, sit down, yes we can go to the bathroom (again), ugh. Finally, after 1 1/2 hours we were done and headin to the check out.

The single check out.

The On.a.Sunday.afternoon. Hysterical.

So we wait our turn, unload our goods, dig out that little customer card (pain in the behind), and low and behold- no sackers. No only did I already shop for all this stuff, manage to keep my kid from destroying it, and touched it all again to unload it- now I get to bag my own groceries too. Fun times.

And, unlike the able bodied teenagers that no doubt are somewhere in this place horsing around and being paid for it, I get to do it one handed because my son will not stop screwing around with the shopping cart.

So I manage to get as much sacked up as I can before the cashier needs me to come back to the register and pay for said groceries. And what do you know- here came one of the sackers. He put my remaining 3 items into a bag and then, get this, put all 4 gallons of milk (yes- I did say 4 gallons of milk people) ON TOP of my cart full of $150 groceries. No, he did not put them in the baby seat- that I purposely kept empty for said milk- he smooshed them down on top off all my produce, chips, bread, cereal, pizza rolls. Unbelievable!

I came within an inch of hurling my $8 in milk at this little punks head. Instead, I just thought to myself that someday, his beloved bride will too get to spend all her spare time at the market only to bring him home flat doughnut holes and bruised banannas- courtesy of some lazy thoughless slacker. Ha! Well- it was the best I could muster after spending all my energy (and cash) shopping.

By the way- notify all the neighborhood children that we have food again so that they can all start coming over again for their snacks! (how did we become the local snack shop?)


Sharon said...

Yes, you spelled it right -- yeahhh!! You aren't too old to learn and I apparently still have things to teachLOL!!

Take Emmi to the store in place of Sam -- when she went with me to Meier, by the time they had checked it out, she had sacked it up and it was in my cart!! She's good - maybe you should put in her app at Krogers:)

Personally, the Slacker Sacker had a lucky day for he wasn't doing MY groceries -- if he had, he would've had to lift out the milk and we would've checked the crunchables for damage in which case his little feet would've been travelling back thru the store to replace what he had crunched. (when you get old you get 'crustier and crabbier'.....I love it!!)

Love ya honey -- hang in there. Will bring your zucchini down -- hope Dan remembered to take the cantaloupe in from the van.


Ronda said...

This is why I buy as much as I can at Sam's. No sacking necessary. Do we really need 48 bags of popcorn at once? No, but I don't have to deal with a sacker. Will I have to buy tomato soup again before the turn of the century? Nope; so again, no sackers. Of course, my kids have also forgotten how to behave at Marsh. I took Nick and Maddie in there the other day; it was like Disney World to them. Apparently I need to go in more often.