Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear world,

Well- my time has come and I am now forced to surrender yet another one of my children to you. That's right, another child sprung forth from my womb will now become part of the public school system.

As of last week, I was a huge supporter of this event as it appears that my children had officially run out of things to do and had begun just trying to kill one another for entertainment. Yes, last week I was couting down the days. Today, now that tomorrow is the big day, not so much.

I have met the woman whom I must entrust my middlest child to, and she is but herself a baby. I wasn't aware that you could have a teaching license at 16 years old, but she seems ready for the task. I just hope she is strong. She will need to be very strong, I can't even imagine how strong in order to handle a classroom of 20+ kindergarteners.

Some things, dear world, you must know about my emily before I send her into your cold, dark clutches. She is tender, compassionate and loves to be helpful. But she shoots straight, doesn't beat around the bush and likes to say things like they are. Prepare yourself for what will spill forth from her little mouth.

Teach her to tie her shoes, how to wait in line and when to raise her hand. But please, please, please don't teach her how to be selfish, hateful or allow anyone to hurt her. She is my middlest child, and she holds such a special place in her momma's heart.

She knows what bus to ride, but has not a clue as to how to get to it- so please be sure someone shows her. She also knows who her bus driver is, and that she 'has a stomach like mommy' (aka she is fat as well). She has brand new shoes, a beautiful pink backpack and a box of crayons never before colored with. She is ready.

I am not.

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Sharon said...

I am not ready, either. She sat with me last night in the beautiful summer evening, licking a frozen yogurt and waiting for her tongue to turn blue (which it never did) and sharing her special wisdoms with me and I looked at her(so totally engrossed in her frozen treat) and realized I too am not ready to send her out into the midst of strangers who will try to 'rubber stamp' her into everyone else and sent up a silent prayer that her indominatable little spirit remain strong enough to resist and that she remain Emily. I also felt what an impact this little person is going to have on her surroundings and somehow know that God in his infinite wisdom and her divine destiny will look after her and felt better. And then watched as she finished the popsicle and charged off on her bicycle down the street, leaning forward charging headfirst into whatever was out there to play with friends and totally without fears as to what may lie ahead..........and came to the conclusion that Emily will be fine.

However, I'm with you on this one, Mynde -- it tugs at my heart:)