Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A lumberjack I am not..............

Today's storms managed to topple over all of my surprise lilies, blow down my sunflower and knock a HUGE limb out of one of the few trees we have left in our yard. Another limb fell out of the same tree a month or so ago- if we loose anymore we will be left with essentially a giant stick in our yard.

Regardless- Dan seized the opportunity to fire up the old chain saw and then demanded help. Hello? Did he forget who he was asking? I am the one who is not a big fan of manual labor, let alone dragging sticky, wet, heavy limbs all over God's green earth. But I did it, and I am covered in saw dust. Yuck.

Fortunately for me, we have children we could force to help too. Although I'm not sure hitting each other in the head with limbs is really helping, but none the less. After we'd been working forever, Sam told me I was a big helper. That made it all okay, for a moment anyway.

We don't have a lot of trees, but what we do have are apparently not very healthy as they are dropping like flies. There is something to be said for the newer neighborhoods with all the baby trees- I bet none of them were farmed out as slave labor on this beautiful evening.

Good news is we now have a brush pile the size of the barn- Weiner Roast at our house!

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Ronda said...

I'd bring the sweet corn to your bonfire, but alas, it is horizontal.