Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy campers

So, anyone who knows me, knows I am anything but a happy camper. I really do not enjoy camping. It seems fruitless to me to drag everything that makes home like home into the woods and pretend that it's home. To me, you could have just stayed home. Tack in the heat, water, mud, bugs, bugs and more bugs, and it's just over the top for me.

So what are we doing this weekend? Camping. I wanted to go all the way and tent camp, but Dan's parents, who obviously have concern for our well being, loaned us their RV. Bless them. So needless to say, I am at a loss of what to pack and what to bring. But we are going, not for one but two nights.

There should be some interesting photos and stories come Monday folks. Pray for me, this is going to be ugly : )

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