Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear World.............

Dear World,

Consider this my resignation letter. I can't be a part of this anymore.

If you choose to decline to accept my resignation, then please be advised:

My children will never be clean all at the same time. It is not possible, I have tried. There might not even be one of them clean AND in clean clothing all at once. Whatever.

My lawn will forever be the one that needs mowed, consider that your clue when looking for our home in our neighborhood. Also- weedeating is apparently not possible here either.

Flowers do not look pretty placed in the driveway in the containers in which they were purchased in. Therefore, a well manicured landscape we have not. Just pots full of flowers right where they landed out of the van after purchasing them. There I anticipate they will stay until they die- then someone (please someone) will manage to throw them into the trash.

DO NOT open both doors on our van at the same time. The wind will pick up all the scattered trash and blow it all over the place.

Laundry is now, and will forever be, and issue in my home. Just consider the children lucky they have anything clean to wear at all. And when I do get cracking on laundry, we will always be out of laundry soap. It's just how it is. I can not change it. I have tried.

I will have to serve the Lord in the only way I know how. It is not the right way, but it's all I've got.

The floor is sticky. It was sticky yesterday, it is sticky today and it will be sticky tomorrow. There is simply not enought time or cleaning solution to change that.

Piles of stuff seem to accumulate everywhere. If you don't like it, well then quit sending me all this stuff. Otherwise, get over it.

Work is an afterthought. I might be there at 9, possibly 9:30, probably more like 10, and on most given days I will need to leave early. And yes, I will try and balance my checkbook before leaving- it is the absolute only time I get to sit down- get over it.

My blog will not be updated daily with positive uplifting stuff- but since you are still reading this then you know that.

There are things in my refrigerator that are considered toxic- do not eat anything from this area of our home unless you are positive it is safe and can easily visually identify it. If you have to ask what it is, then put the lid back on it and place it on it's respective shelf. The fact that it was not glued to the rack by whatever unidentifiable sticky substance should count for something.

There is a pile in the corner of the garage the size of a vehicle itself that is waiting on the yardsale I swear we will have. Then we won't and I will just trip over all this stuff for the rest of eternity. Deal with it.

If you, dear World, can choose to overlook my complete unpreparedness, lack of coordination and poor planning skills, then I will choose to remain a part of it. But I will be taking a few days- as soon as they present themselve- to lock myself away in the crazy little hole of the earth and try to remedy some (not all) of these issues. Consider this my notice to decline on several invitations coming up shortly.


Crazy Momma

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Sharon said...

Oh sweetie, I think the 'dawn' is finally breaking!!! Who on earth, married with children, is on top of everything they can produce(husbands included)!!!?

The neat thing my precious baby is: you DO have children (which I remember you prayed for -- God DOES have a sense of humor) DO have flowers (tho maybe just not in the ground at this time) DO have a home (so many don't these days) have love all around you, even tho it presents itself in very visible signs of laundry, sticky laughter-filled and sometimes tear-stained faces of little ones, sticky floors, and dirty little bodies -- you DO have lots of outside obligations which tells me that you must be important in a lot of people's lives (so many aren't that giving AND that fortunate) ...... and the fact that there are chemistry experiments going on in your Fridge tells me that you have plenty of food so not to worry there(I remember telling your Grandma Larsen when she asked what something was in my fridge that if it was green today, then it was brown last week and to take it from there:) --- I also remember when she was spending time at the house while I was in the hospital that Dana told her when she swept the kitchen floor to sweep it 'there, behind the door -- 'that's what Mommy always does with it' -------

Have a feeling that your feelings are shared by many, just few have the courage to make the declaration!!:)

So, this too shall pass and believe it or not, you will miss it.

Love you Mynde........Mom