Monday, June 15, 2009

Clifty Falls- but no one fell in (yeah!)

So here's the brewd we took camping over the weekend. 10 kids- 7 adults, we were outnumbered but still came out the victors!
Here is Allyson post nature walk- she does not like hiking so we had tears. I don't care for hiking either, but at least I didn't cry.

Hiking does make one thirsty.

Here's adam just before he split back to the car and skipped the whole hiking adventure (we all think he secretly went geocaching!) This one startled me- we were so very high up. This is the back side of one of the falls.

Notice the tape on Sams head- he managed to squeeze a trip to the pediatrician in on Friday as we were in crunch time to leave for camping.

Another one of the falls........

And everyone looking at it.

Maddie and Ronda joined us on Saturday- Maddie is telling her daddy all about it. Ronda doesn't care for camping

Here is the one time Julie sat down : )

Our youngest camper

The crew departing for geocaching. Notice Sam is still in his pajamas- oh well.

Here is the 'boys club'- notice the intruder in the front trying to obtain entrance.

Our mascot.

How we roll. Notice no emily head? she was crashed on the pillows, sound asleep.

Our trusty leader- driving our tent on wheels.
It was a wonderful weekend. We all enjoyed ourselves and the kids rode themselves silly on their bicycles. We got to swim, hike, bike, roast marshmallows and see nature in it's finest. Thanks to all the group for making this weekend possible. And thanks to God for getting us home safe and sound!


Anonymous said...

this is sooo funny! u put some pictures that i took in there. the turtle was NOT! our mascot.

Ronda said...

Ahem...I didn't say I didn't like camping; I just detest mosquitoes.

These are great pictures, by the way!