Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's tough being a girl

I bought Ally a box of home waxing strips. 

Ally has been getting her face waxed at the salon, by actual hair waxing professionals.  But see, I'm cheap stretching our resources, and therefore this time when it came due- I hesitated to shell out twenty bucks to tend her lip when I could get 12 wax strips for five.  So we gave it a whirl.

I came into the bathroom after she finished and her lip looked good.  A little red, but mainly hairless.  So I thought, what the heck- I'm doing me too!  I used to wax my face when Dan's mom was an active beautician and she would do it for free out of love.  But since then, I've taken to plucking and fancy trimmers.

I warmed the strip in my hands.
I carefully applied to my lip, being careful not to include my actual lip.
I rubbed and waited.
Then I grabbed the end and ripped it off as fast as I could and HOLY HECK the pain was everything I remembered!!!!  I was anticipating, since it was a cheap at home kit, that it wouldn't work as well.  But it did.  I swear to you, had I not already had the other half glued on the other side of my lip, I wouldn't have gone through with it a second time. I would today have half a mustache.

After I dried my tears and stopped mumbling about the pain, I applied the oily clothe thing and in my head wondered what would keep that oil from making tons of pimples in the raw open pores that I just rubbed it in?

And this morning, I discovered that the answer is NOTHING.  My lip is swollen up like a crazy nut ball and is loaded with giant mosquito bite looking things!  (Ally looks fine- by the way- at least she can have a relatively free from embarrassment day).

You can stop scrolling down- there are no pictures.  As if I would do THAT to myself.

Will I do this again?  Probably.  Being beautiful comes at a cost.  But next time, I will not do it with anyone in the bathroom with me.  Allyson was laughing so hard, which didn't help my pain at all.  No audience and some stridex pads- that is what I'm gonna try next time.

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