Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I won!  I won! I can't believe I WON!

See- over at The Coupon Goddess, she gives away some pretty cool stuff.  That's what happens when your blog is interesting and fun and lots and lots and lots of people read it- you get sponsors and companies that give you stuff to review..........and even PAY you to advertise on your blog. And then you have lots of stuff to give away!  She's changing the focus of her blog- away from coupons and on to food blogging.  I still read her though- her life story is an interesting one that involves four kids and a near death accident last summer that she not only survived, but has thrived ever since.

I'm a sucker for inspirational life stories- what can I say.

The point here is that she gave away a box of stuff from a blogger conference (oh how I would LOVE to go to a blogger conference) and I WON IT!

 Dude- I could hardly wait for this bad boy to arrive.  She didn't detail everything that would be in it- but I just knew it would be some awesome stuff!
 And boy was I right!  Although I will say there was some rather embarrassing items included (not going to go into detail- but Eden's Fantasies was a large sponsor of the blogger event- and there were some items from them.........stop looking, I took them out of the photo)
 Fake nails, shopping bags, chapstick, t-shirts, jewelry............we had so much fun going through this box!!!
 Not to mention tons of coupons and giftcards!  Some for free product, some really high dollar product coupons, some store gift cards, some website giftcards!!!
 A super cool t-shirt!
 A reflective runners headband (how cute is that!)
 Hot wheel cars!
And even a stuffed bean bag Hot Pocket that Rosie claimed as her own.

There was something for everyone- even Dan got a $25 giftcard to Hanes.com.  But I will spare you the photos of him in his new skivvies.  You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of stuff!!! Fantasstic!!

melanie feehan said...

What? No picture of Dan in his skivvies? It's your civic duty. Slacker. I'm so glad you enjoyed your package. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your recap of your box and look forward to your product review of the Eden Fantasies goodies. ;)

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