Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Heavy Heart

Prayer is powerful.  It just is.  I don't believe it is a time to lay a wish list at Gods feet though.  Because God knows what He is doing, I'm not sure He needs me to tell Him what to do next.  He's not a genie I've heard others say.  I can share my wishes- but they may not change the outcome of His plan.  Therefore, part of my prayer is always that I can see His glory in whatever the outcome is- because I want my heart to always see His plan, His faithfulness, His glory.........regardless of if I got my outcome or not.

During prayer, it is a time to thank God for just being............well.........Him.  And for calling me out of the darkness into His light.  He could have totally left me there in the dark and alone.  But He wants all His children to return to Him, He's cool like that.

It's also a time to listen to the inklings that He lays on our hearts.  I try to always pray that I am open and obedient to what He calls me to do. That I would hear Him and respond in a way that glorifies Him.

During a mom's prayer time yesterday, I was overcome.  He has called me, over 9 months ago, to take care of something for Him.  And I have stuffed it down- over and over again.  I never once thought that the constant thoughts were coming from God, I assumed they were coming from me and I didn't know what to do with them.  Yesterday I realized that He had asked me to do something, and I'd ignored him.  Really, I haven't ignored Him, I just have kept putting it off.

When He laid it on my heart.........again..........I just began to cry.  Oh Lord I've done it again, I keep asking for the insight to hear your calls, and I wasn't listening.  I still have no idea what He wants me to do, but I am certain He is going to let me know.  And this time I am ready, and I will do whatever it is He leads my heart to do.

God is that little voice in your heart.   Sometimes He tells you to drop an email to a friend- you don't know it but they may need that bit of encouragement right at that second.  Other times He leads you to bake an extra loaf of banana bread to drop off at a friends house- because they are struggling and God knows that having the support of a friend might give them joy.  Other times He might lead you to offer an outgoing comment to a perfect stranger at the grocery, because He needs them to be reminded of Him.  But He never calls us to hurt others or to point out flaws- He would never want us to tear someone down.  Nope, that is all us and our egos that do that.

On the radio yesterday I heard a very interesting statement. 
"God would never want us to point out flaws in others.  He calls us to LOVE."

Sometimes people become self righteous as they grow in their bible knowledge and feel that they have to point out ways that other people are sinning.  My prayer is that they can continue to grow in the love of our Lord, the love of Christ Jesus, and move past all the 'religion' and find the LOVE. 

Not sure why I felt like I wanted to share all of this today- but there you go.  I hope your day is AWESOME!

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