Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The dog is a better farmer than I am

In the spring, I did what I always do.  Plan a garden.

Dan tilled my stuff up.

The kids bought me lots of different fabulous veggie plants for mothers day.

And I planted.  This time I ran string and created a grid- very formal.  None of that crazy love garden planting I did last year.  No way, this time I was serious.

Emily made a map so we could keep track of what we had done.

And then I watered and waited and watered and waited and watered.

Everything died except the tomatoes.  And they have yet to get any bigger than a golf ball before ripening.  It's a sad sad excuse for a garden.  And dang I really tried.

And then low and behold- right in the middle of the yard I noticed this.....
A pumpkin vine.  Last Fall our crazy dog loved taking the kids pumpkins and pumpkin parts as we were out back carving and running around the yard with them.  We gave her a little pumpkin to 'play' with when Halloween had passed- and I do believe that this is where she left it.

No water.  No tilling.  No chart.  No strings.  No rows.  No planning. Nothin.


I read an article on how to 'artificially inseminate' pumpkin plants to ensure fruit and I was contemplating grabbing some qtips and giving it a try, but chances are if I go near it, it will die. 

I'll just leave the heavy farm lifting to Rosie I guess.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I'm a disaster at gardening too, I'm sorry to say. I'm sure if I'd just whole heartedly put my mind to it, I might do a little better, but maybe not. =)I also have the feeling that the whole non-gardener thing should bother me more than it does too. Thanks for the laugh and sorry about the garden fatalities.

Anji said...

Congratulations on the pumpkin!

It just about sums up my gardening efforts too. One or two straggly tomatoes which I bring into the house to ripen before the birds get them. I planted carrots but a friendly neighbourhood cat seems to like lying exactly where I put them.

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